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BSC whippets shining on the slopes!

GdPan, Pan, GdBraz, Braz, Paraguay, Americas and the Caribbean  Champion

Whippet #1 Brazil 2018

BSC Valentina

Brazilian Champion, Great Brazilian Champion,  Panamerican Champion, Great Panamerican Champion, Champion Abroad, Champion Americas and the Caribbean, BIS Specialized in the breed.

GdPan, Pan, GdBraz, Braz

Whippet #1 Brazil 2017

BSC Lint

Brazilian Champion, Great Brazilian Champion,  Pan American Champion, Grand Champion  Panamerican.

GdPan, Pan, GdBraz, Braz, JvBraz, Paraguay, Americas y el Caribe Champion

BSC CL Chilli

Youth Champion. Brazilian Champion, Pan American Champion, Champion

Paraguayan, Americas and Caribbean Champion, Specialized BOB of the Breed.

JrBraz,  JvBraz,

Americas and the Caribbean Champion

BSC Kiwi

Puppy Champion. Youth Champion, Youth Champion  Americas y the Caribbean, Best Youth  Specialized Breed.

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