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On this page you are getting to know  retirees from our genetic improvement program  who continue to live with us.

we will post soon  photos of other retirees  with the families that adopted them and  that became  an extension of ours.

Important info: These whippets are not available for adoption.

If you want to adopt a BSC, get in touch so that we can talk about future retirees and to get to know your desire and profile better.



Blue Iris Greyhound KF Sunshine



Nickname: Peteca, Pepe, Pepezinha, Pretinha

Birth date:  10 Dec 2002

Mother: Kira des Petits Bandits

Father: JvCh. Brazil GrBrazCh. PanCh.  Infinitu's First Adoale


Margot Baby Encrenquinha's



Surname: Magô, Margozinha

Date of birth: Feb 18, 2006

Mother: Sto Alberto's Jump for Joy

Dad:  Danger the Tagnimarral


Our beloved Margot continues to live with us! She is one of the matriarchs of the kennel.




Black Stream Champions ALPINE MILKA



Surname: Milka, Milkinha, Miumiu

Date of birth: Feb 28  2010

Mother: Idnarg Mirian  makeba

Dad:  JvCh. BrCh. GrBrCh. PanCh.  Infinitu's First Adoale 

Titles: Champion and Grand Brazilian Champion, Champion and Grand Pan American Champion, International Champion


Dear, polite and affectionate girl. She loves the living room sofa like Margot!



Quitéria do BR Quasar



Nickname: Quiqui

Date of birth: 14 Jan  2012

Mother: BrazCh. Black Stream Champions Catarina

Father: Whipdream Amitiel

Titles: Brazilian Champion


Tiny and shameless! Get it all ready when we're not around, lol! She had a very young uterus infection (pyometra) and it stayed with us.

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