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The BSC Concept

We are completely in love with whippets! The one who has the joy of living with a specimen of the breed  know why we love what we do.


The commitment and concern with  our squad starts with the careful selection of  sows and sires. We consider health essential,  temperament, genotype and phenotype, aiming to transmit the best behavioral and morphological characteristics to BSC puppies.  


Our goal is to provide new owners with a beautiful specimen of the breed, in full health  physical and emotional. We work with  strict control of individual health and we initiated the puppy's socialization during the most important stage of learning, guiding the new owner to continue the process in his house, the puppy's new home.


We deliver puppies from 80 days of age, dewormed, microchipped and vaccinated. We only use ethical vaccine technology  imported. Follows pediatric guidance and  behavioral, puppy guide, photos and videos of the puppy since birth via whatsapp, microchipping certificate, vaccination card, health certificate and pedigree. The reservation is made official through a purchase and sale agreement, approved by the parties.


We guide those interested in having a whippet about the behavioral and structural characteristics of the breed and remove all existing doubts. we evaluate  the routine of the new family to find out if it is  suitable for having a whippet, prior to booking the puppy. If you wish, we propose to accompany you  your whippet's health during life.


BSC whippets: a unique experience!

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