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We consider the whippet to be the most versatile breed today, which is why it conquers more admirers every day.  IT'S  a dog that adapts very well to all environments and enters the family routine with ease.  IT'S  an excellent partner for outdoor activities and sports, as well as great company when you're at home.


when live  in an apartment it is important that they have  the possibility of at least  a daily 30-minute walk, preferably  in the morning.  There has  little and no strong odor - need  of baths at most every 15 days.  As they are very chilly, they like a warm and comfortable corner to sleep.


The kitten whippet is curious and active, so it likes to have something to do while it's there.  awake. This characteristic is common to the puppies of most breed or mixed breed dogs, hence the enrichment of the environment in which  lives is very important for him to develop and have fun.  This is a very important phase for socialization, a process that is initiated by us  but that should be continued in your new home. We recommend the monitoring of a canine behaviorist so that socialization is even more efficient. In this  period, mainly between 2 and 4 months of age, he will learn very easily what he is taught by making  living in a family is even more pleasurable. And that way it will become  an emotionally healthy adult with a balanced temperament.


Your puppy's behavior will not only depend on the genetics and personality he was born with. The new family has a lot of responsibility in the education of the dog. For him to become the whippet  what do you expect in the future, dedication and discipline  in childhood are fundamental.


The adult whippet is naturally  quiet  and loves the company of their owners.  He  he likes  in  feel safe  and protected  and accompany you  with  looking is an efficient way to convey confidence to your dog.  They are not dependent, especially if they are well socialized. Like to socialize with others  dogs and also with  other animal species, both for playing and for warming up. They get along well with children and the elderly. They are very docile, elegant and obedient.


Your whippet will love you unconditionally and will show all that affection in a delicate and passionate way!

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