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Want to adopt a retired BSC?

The retirement program was created to offer  to our dogs  a pet life after they were so important to our pack.


Unfortunately, we don't have space inside the house to receive all of our whippets after they are retired and neutered.  


The whippets in our kennel live in a very comfortable structure, gain daily attention and affection, play, run and have fun, have a disciplined routine in relation to nutrition, deworming, vaccination and extra health care. But we know they can have more than that. That is, exclusive owners, who can dedicate themselves even more to them. As a result, we put our selfishness aside and created this program.


Our dogs enter the retirement program when they leave breeding, with an average of 5  years old. sometimes we have  young people who are destined for adoption. These  are dogs that stay with us to be evaluated and when  don't answer  the expectations for the  reproduction are retired.


The adopter is responsible for the new life of the retiree by contract and undertakes  with the expenses of castration. we take care of him  during the pre, trans  and  postoperative  handing him over to the new family only  after being fully recovered.


When the interested party does not yet have a BSC whippet, we conduct an interview to learn more about the family's routine and find out which one fits best in your home. Our  concern goes beyond finding a nice new home for our whippets. We want both him and you to have a smooth, balanced adjustment phase and a long, happy life together.  Knowing your routine better minimizes mistakes because we know that some retirees have a temperament and behavior that need homes and owners with specific characteristics.


Interested? Send a message demonstrating your desire to adopt a retired BSC and we'll get back to you.

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