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A little of history...

Years before the foundation of Kennel BSC, the history of raising dogs was already part of the life of the veterinarian José Eduardo. At 10 years old, he liked to watch Dog Shows on weekends and had his  first experience with dog breeding.  In the year 2000, while  studied Veterinary Medicine at UNESP Jaboticabal,  a trip abroad and returned  determined to have a Labrador. That's how you met  Labrador Tracy, faithful companion for nine years. That's when he decided  retake your childhood dream and start  a small breed of dogs from  breed.


The Black Stream Champions Kennel, 'Campeões de Ribeirão Preto', was registered in 2002 by the FCI/CBKC.  Jose Eduardo  he was also an admirer of the English bulldog and shih tzu breeds, and they joined his  life to bulldog Olga and shih tzu Red. At that time, he selected good studs for the females and had sporadic litters.  


Daniele has been in love with dogs since childhood. Daughter of a veterinarian, she always took care of all the pets that passed through her life. He couldn't pursue another career that wasn't the same as his father's. In 2005, the  Gaucha from Passo Fundo went to live in São Paulo to do postgraduate studies. He worked in a veterinary clinic in the neighborhood of Higienópolis, where he had contact with many  specimens of the Whippet breed. He fell in love with the temperament and elegance of his patients and so began to observe and study these lovely greyhounds.

In 2006 the couple moved to Arealva, a city in the interior of São Paulo, and started  a professional breeding with few dogs. The passion and charm for Whippets was highlighted and became the exclusive breed of the kennel.

In 2011, they decided  participate effectively in dog conformation and beauty shows. In this same year they conquered  1st place in the FCI/CBKC Whippet Breeder Ranking. Results that were repeated in 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019. In 2018, the BSC Whippets team reached the highest position in the FCI/CBKC ranking. Became  the best breeder among all races and repeated  the great feat in 2019. The titles of best breeder among all breeds are cinophile recognitions that confirm  O  genetic improvement carried out in the squad and that all the work is  on the right path.

The couple is also very proud of the  dogs classified at the end of exhibitions in the various classes. The Best in Shows and final placings, added to the titles of BCS Kiwi and her son BSC Nobre Guerreiro, Grand National Winner and Young National Winner in the same year, accentuate their  choices as creators. Obtaining these titles through the results in the official exhibitions of the Confederação Brasileira de Cinofilia - CBKC, the only internationally recognized, is  very satisfying. Present your  dogs to experienced referees around the world, listening to their evaluations, criticisms and praise, learning from them and seeking improvement with each mating performed made all the difference to the recognition that BSC Whippets has earned over 15 years of history.

Which  motivates the couple, in an intense and organic way, it is the happiness they provide  people  who have a BSC Whippet. what moves this  family  it's love  for their dogs and for all the people they know  through them. It is this love that keeps the attention for the quality of life and well-being of your whippets always alert. Every day they think of something that can improve the environment, experience, socialization, recreation and health of the  dogs that live in the BSC.

That's why owning a BSC Whippet is such a unique experience!

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