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CBKC Official Standard -  FCI

CBKC - Brazilian Confederation of Cinofilia

FCI - Fédération Cynologique Internationale

GROUP  10 - Hares

STANDARD FCI 162 - 05/14/2007

Country of origin: Great Britain

Name in country of origin: Whippet

Use: Running Dog - No proof of work

  balanced combination of muscular power and strength with elegance and graceful lines. Built for speed and work. Any form of exaggeration should be avoided.


BEHAVIOR | TEMPERAMENT:  an ideal companion. Highly adaptable to home or sport environments. Gentle, affectionate; balanced disposition.




Skull:  long and dry, flat at the top, tapering to the muzzle, quite wide between the eyes.

Stop: light


Truffle:  black; in blue specimens, a bluish color is allowed; in liver specimens, the truffle will be of the same color; in isabela, cream or other colors diluted in the coat, any color except pink; Only in whites or particolor, a nose with depigmented areas is allowed, but not a completely depigmented nose.

Jaws | Teeth:  strong, powerful jaws, well-defined, with a perfect scissor bite.

Eyes:  oval, shiny; very alert expression.

Ears : Rose-shaped, small, fine textured.


NECK:  long, muscular, elegantly arched.



Top line:  showing a graceful arch over the loin, but the dog does not show a humped back.

Back:  Broad, well muscled, firm, rather long.

Loin:  giving an impression of strength and power.

Chest:  very deep, with plenty of room for the heart; deep, well-defined rib cage. Arched ribs, muscled in the back.

Belly:  with definite retraction.


TAIL:  without bangs. Long, tapered and, when in action, curves upwards, without going beyond the line of the back.



Previous:  straight  and upright, front not too wide.

Shoulders:  oblique and muscular; scapulae reaching the spine, where they are clearly defined.

Elbows:  well inserted below the body.

Pasterns:  strong and slightly elastic.

Posteriors:  strong. The Whippet is capable of covering large tracts of land.

Thighs:  wide.

Knees:  well angled.

Legs:  well developed.

Hocks:  well let down.

Paws:  well-defined contours, fingers wide apart and well arched, pads thick and hard.


MOVEMENT:  perfectly free action. In profile, it should move with long, easy strides, maintaining the upper line. Forelegs should reach good distances in front, keeping low and close to the ground; the hindquarters should come well below the body giving a great and powerful propulsion. The movement, in general, should not be pompous, show high, short or choppy steps. Correct back and forth movement.



Fur:  thin, short, close.


COLOR:  any color or mixture of colors.



Height at withers:

* males - 47 to 51 cm

*females - 44 to 47 cm


ABSENCES:  any deviation from the terms of this standard must be considered a fault and penalized in exact proportion to its severity and its effects on the health and well-being of the dog.



* Aggressiveness or excessive shyness.

* Any dog that shows any sign of physical or behavioral abnormality must be disqualified.



*Males must have both testicles, of normal appearance, well descended and accommodated in the scrotum.

*Only dogs that are clinically and functionally healthy and with typical breed conformation should be used for breeding.

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